America's Leaders of Change program is a one year intensive executive leadership program that combines personal and professional development, enriched knowledge of public service leadership and capacity for life-long coaching and networking.  The Program enhances and sustains leadership excellence for leaders in the nonprofit, philanthropic and public sectors.

Informed by the National Urban Fellows’ Inclusive Leadership Model, America's Leaders of Change develops the capacity of each participant to break through and accomplish personal and professional goals.  The Program is grounded in the principles of responsibility, self-reflection and the creation of collective leadership, a concept called Breakthrough Action [*], challenging participants to develop a powerful leadership practice that accelerates their careers. 

Issues and challenges related to successful leadership in the fields of public administration and public service are the focus of the America’s Leaders of Change program.  As a cohort, participants experience the application of Breakthrough Action© principles, as well as share practical experiential knowledge, that is further developed through an academic exploration of “best practices” for leadership in both public administration and public service.