Nurys Z. Camargo, AT&T Services, Dorchester, MA

Prior to accepting the National Urban Fellows award, Nurys Z. Camargo served as an executive staff member under Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley in Boston, Massachusetts. As the district attorney’s director of community relations, Ms. Camargo developed and executed outreach strategies to serve residents of the cities and towns of Massachusetts’ most densely-populated county.

As director of community relations, Ms. Camargo managed a small staff and responded to multiple, competing demands from hundreds of neighborhood-based organizations, clergy, government and non-profit partner agencies, everyday residents of Suffolk County, and local media outlets representing numerous and diverse communities. Ms. Camargo also visited public schools, non-profit organizations, and youth groups to teach “Understanding Violence,” a six-week curriculum developed by the district attorney’s office as a real-life response to the pervasive issue of youth-on-youth violence.

Ms Camargo worked for U. S.  Senator John Kerry’s most recent presidential campaign in 2004, serving as deputy director of constituency focusing on outreach to the Latino communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Prior to joining the campaign and since August of 2000, Ms. Camargo was an employee of the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office working with crime victims and witnesses in Roxbury District Court.  While there she worked on the specialized teams that handle child abuse and crimes against the elderly.  In 2002, Ms. Camargo became the first victim witness advocate to be formally assigned to a Safe Neighborhood Initiative (SNI) site. Ms. Camargo was featured on the ABC television program “Boston 24/7,” an up-close and personal documentary series on public servants who work in and for the City of Boston.

As a National Urban Fellow, Ms. Camargo plans to become a more resourceful leader and a more effective decision maker in order to assist members of marginalized communities. As a graduate of this program, she intends to develop her own program to help others in reaching their personal and career goals through the development and management of non-profit agencies.