The mentor is essential in creating a productive and engaging experience for the Fellow. National Urban Fellows' mentors play three critical roles during the course of the nine-month mentorship assignment. Ultimately, the success of the mentorship match is dependent upon how capably the mentor acts as sponsor, mentor, and supervisor.

As Official Sponsor

  • Introduce Fellow to organizational leadership
  • Acquaint Fellow with key influencers in the industry, profession, and community
  • Facilitate entry into meetings and activities attended by high-level professionals
  • Serve as advocate, confidant, and counselor
  • Provide guidance regarding the culture and ethical environment of the organization
  • Inform Fellows of rules and regulations under which they will work, such as office hours, sick leave, holidays, vacation days, etc.

As Experienced Mentor

  • Describe the mission and goals of the host organization
  • Participate and direct the preparation of the Work Plan
  • Meet with the Fellow at least once a month for review, planning, and evaluation
  • Tutor Fellow in special skills, effective behavior, and how to function in the host organization
  • Provide advice and assistance in career planning and development

As Skilled Supervisor

  • Negotiate the expectations of the Fellow as part of the Work Plan and development of the mentorship
  • Document and evaluate the mentorship experience, the Fellow's performance, and technical and managerial competencies
  • Designate other host organization staff to provide specific training and experience applications for the Fellow