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Our Pledge to Advance Public Service Leadership Diversity
By Monique Morris

As stated in the Declaration of Independence, America was founded on the principles of justice, equality and inclusion.

Although our nation is now composed of 34 % people of color; people of color comprise only 16% of federal government leadership, 18% of nonprofit leadership, and 17% of foundation executives.  By 2042, more than 50% of Americans will be people of color.

The Public Service Leadership Diversity Initiative is a collaborative network of agencies working to ensure fair and consistent inclusion for people of color in federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic offices. Together the Network will build a pipeline and set of competencies among partner organizations and individuals who can advance leadership diversity in the sector.

Many of our partners have been engaged in thought leadership and direct action toward leadership diversity for years, and their experience will be a valuable tool as we continue to grow our Network. Expressing a commitment to principles of inclusion is important as we work to align our collective efforts toward diversifying public service leadership. Ultimately, this pledge is an expression of partnership between organizations and individuals who want to see our public service leadership reflect not only a diversity of thought, but a diversity of background, culture and experience.

If you agree, now is your opportunity to become a Member of the Public Service Leadership Diversity Initiative. 

By becoming a Member you will receive and share important information relative to the Initiative, such as diversity reports and research, an eNewsletter and more. 

As a Member your active participation will allow you to advance integrated policies and practices that support the development of a diverse talent pipeline, join with an exiting local effort in your community or identify and promote individuals, organizations and best practices that serve as champions for diversity and inclusion.

Take a moment to read and sign our pledge today.  Take the Pledge