Class of 2014

Grace Asenjo

Revisiting Sherman Creek: Enhancing Cross-Sector Partnerships in Waterfront Redevelopments

Callie Chamberlain

Organizational learning Accelerators in Times of Transition: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation throughout the Strategic Planning Process

Adrienne M. Irmer

Southern California Car Culture and its Implications in Progressive Urban Planning Policy: A Case Study of the Inlieu Parking Model of the City of Beverly Hills

Class of 2013

Hally Chu

The Philadelphia Land Bank Transforming Liabilities into Assets

Tricia Ryel

Re‐Tooling Municipal Government: Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia & Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics

Aisha Weeks

Fostering Household Financial Stability through Local Strategic Partnerships and Financial Education Delivery

Class of 2012

William O. Gonzales

Healthy Tensions in Corporate Philanthropy

Surayyah T. Hasan

Blueprint on ESOL: New York City’s Response to Limited English Proficiency

Chanell R. Scott

Inclusive & Innovative Philanthropy: A Recommendation for Expanding the Supply Side of Community Foundations

Nicole R. Willis

Strategic Planning in Public Organizations: A Study and Assessment of RIOC

Class of 2011

Dyanne Cano

The 21st Century Teen Hotline: How Text Messaging Can Engage and Empower Young People of Color with Type 2 Diabetes

Jung Fitzpatrick

Power by the People: From Consumption to Production – Customer Generators in Seattle

Ana Maria Vallarino

Grantmaking for the Research of Orphan Drug Products: An Assessment of the National Organization for Rare Disorders’ Research Grants Program

Class of  2010

Hilda Botello- Bustos

Engaging Latinas into Healthy Heart Management Using Internet and Social Network Tools at WomenHeart

Lajiri F. Cabrera

The Energy Efficiency Gap: Assessing Equity in DSM Programs

Lilly Rika Okamura

From Crisis to Opportunity: Reviving Weak Market Cities Through Vacant Land Planning

Class of 2009

Jason D.León

Improving Performance in Local Health Departments Through Financial Management

Diana S. Mendoza

Addressing School Readiness of Latino Children in the United States through the Professional Development of Child Care Providers

N. Marcus Montgomery

A Review and Analysis of Community Benefits Agreements and Participatory Democracy Theory in the Context of Community Economic Development

Class of 2008

Manami Kano

The "Human Capital" Strategy for Urban School Reform in US Public Schools: The Teacher Labor Market and the Ideology of Privatization

Tamara S. Webb

An Analysis of the Investment in Earned Income Tax Credits in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)

Catherine West

A Baseline Evaluation of New Connections: A Model to Increase Diversity in Foundation Programming and U.S. Research