Esméralda Vázquez

Esméralda Vázquez is a First-Gen Latina, born in Los Angeles, CA. Raised humbly by her  parents, who although did not have material wealth, instilled Esméralda, and her five siblings,  with humility, love, and empathy. In her early years, her family relocated to the Inland Empire. 

Though confronted with a lack of resources, and numerous obstacles youth of color face  growing up in the inner-city, Esméralda graduated and transferred from Crafton Hills College,  before she transitioned to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where she received  her B.A. in Public Policy–Thanks to the support of her family, mentors, and peers. 

She has served in multiple leadership capacities, including Student Trustee on the San  Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees and Commissioner for the San  Bernardino County District Attorney Community Oversight Commission. Esméralda was  honored as a Congressional Woman of the Year, and received the “30 Under 30” Award for the  47th Assembly District in the State of California. She has used her voice to advocate for students  locally, statewide, and nationwide. She also played a foundational role in the creation of the first  “Elect-Her Conference” in the Inland Empire, meant to encourage young-women to run for  office. 

Esméralda worked as a resource counselor to assist underrepresented and non-traditional  students at the University of California, San Diego. Her work transgressed to the greater San  Diego area, where she mentored students at underserved middle schools, and high schools.  Additionally, Esméralda also Co-Founded the “Women in Politics Association” at UCSD—driven  to empower young women to get involved in policy making. She helped establish a  communicative-pipeline between elected-women, and students. Connecting with her strong  roots and community in the Inland Empire, she was led to Co-Found an organization that  successfully educates youth in the Inland Region on civic engagement, and policy, with the goal  of stoking the innovative, compassionate, and knowledgeable young leaders in our society. 

Esméralda is a public servant. She currently serves as the Senior District Representative for  Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes. She oversees multiple issue areas for the 47th district,  such as Education, Public Safety, Social Justice, Immigration, LGBTQ+, & Women’s issues.  Esméralda’s ethos lies with empowering and uplifting the community, especially the youth,  through a civic engagement education. Her journey is not over, as she is constantly learning,  growing, and connecting with others; she hopes to inspire us all to break cycles and break  barriers within ourselves, and our communities. As she continues to stay engaged in her work,  Esméralda’s hope is that the world beyond the region produces new change agents that lead,  not with individualism and greed, but with heart and humility.