Alissa M. Padilla

Alisa M. Padilla is committed to being a change agent with a passion for positive youth development, social justice, and equality. She has worked in a wide range of knowledge-intensive industries, from telecommunications, financial, health care, to fashion. Her unconventional career path unintentionally led her to discover and purse her calling to public service in the form of arts and education. Alisa began working as a public school substitute teacher in Seminole County, FL where she has spent the last four years mentoring, inspiring, and teaching students at Lake Mary High School.

Alisa’s love of the arts has been an important theme throughout her life. Alisa currently sponsors Lake Mary High School’s Multicultural Show, which was created by her mother, and uses it to teach students the importance of cultural awareness, diversity, and acknowledge that students are part of a greater good. In 2016, Alisa used the show as a platform to teach her students about love and acceptance with the show’s theme “Love is Love” being inspired by and dedicated to the 49 victims of the Pulse terror attack.

Alisa received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Puerto Rican Studies from Lehman College and a received her Master’s of Public Administration from Baruch College.  She was recognized with Magna Cum Laude distinction, Departmental Honors in Business Administration and the Joan Moody Award for Excellence in Business.