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Application Process

How To Become A National Urban Fellow

Application FAQ

General Information

What type of individual is National Urban Fellows seeking?

The National Urban Fellows’ Academic & Leadership Development Program is designed for mid-career professionals who are committed to public service careers in the Government and Non Profit sectors. Individuals best-matched to fulfill the organization’s mission will demonstrate leadership skills with potential for further growth and a passion to work for equity and social justice. Fellows should possess strong personal character, integrity, and a sound work ethic; they should also be self- disciplined and have a positive attitude.

What is the expectation of a Fellow after graduation?

NUF Fellows are expected to apply their expertise in the public sector, contributing their newly acquired leadership skills in public service for the betterment of communities across the nation and around the world. Fellows are expected to return to their former or new occupations more experienced in public policy decision-making and better prepared to make a strong commitment to equity and social justice, thereby fulfilling the mission of the program. NUF Fellows are also expected to give back through ongoing engagement and involvement, including annual giving and support.

Can I seek employment while in the Fellowship program?

Due to the demanding schedule of this Fellowship, employment or paid consulting work is prohibited. It would be impossible to maintain the necessary grade point average and participate fully in the mentorship if employed.

Application and Eligibility

Is the GRE required for acceptance into the National Urban Fellows’ Academic & Leadership Development Fellowship Program?

No, Graduate Record Exam scores are not required by Georgetown University nor the NUF Program.

Is there an age restriction for applying to the program?

There is no age restriction for applying to the program; however, the National Urban Fellows’ Academic & Leadership Development Fellowship Program is designed for mid-career professionals who possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in a management or administrative capacity.

Are applicants required to undergo a security and background investigation?

Yes. Upon acceptance into the National Urban Fellows program, Fellows should expect to undergo security and background checks; both are common employment practices in the Government and Non Profit sectors.

When is the deadline for all application materials?

The deadline for all application materials for the Class of 2022 is January 30, 2021.


What are the application prerequisites for the Program?

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 5 years of professional work experience 
  • Leadership capacity with potential for further growth
  • Demonstrated commitment to public service

Application Requirements

  • Meet the admission requirements of Georgetown University – 3.0 GPA*
  • $150 Application Fee (no fee waivers granted)
  • $500 non-refundable registration fee due upon acceptance and enrollment in NUF program
  • Willingness to relocate, as required by mentorship


How are Fellows selected?

The National Urban Fellows’ Screening Committee reviews applications for outstanding candidates and makes recommendations to the Interviewing Committee. The Interviewing Committee makes its selections based on submitted documents and personal/group assessments. The Committee is comprised of Georgetown Faculty, NUF Alumni, and National Urban Fellows’ staff.

How are mentorships assigned?

Mentors are recruited each year for the incoming class; therefore, every class will have a different set of mentors. Mentors interview as many Fellows as possible in order to find the best fit for their organization. Ultimately, the President and CEO is responsible for assigning Fellows to their Mentorship assignment; however, the needs of Mentors and Fellows are carefully assessed in order to create the best experience for both.

Can my present employer serve as my Mentor?

While it is not common, if a company wishes to sponsor an individual we may be able to accommodate the request. Our main goal is to ensure that the Mentorship will provide the Fellow with a unique experience in an environment that is different from his or her present organization.  

What are the mentorship assignments for the current class?

Please see the NUF Mentors page, which lists the mentorship sites that have participated in past years.

Does relocation always occur and is it mandatory?

Relocation is required for all fellows. On a few occasions (very few), Fellows are offered Mentorship sites in their home city or states. This is more often the exception than the rule.


What are the rewards and benefits of the Fellowship?

In addition to ongoing personal and professional development, Fellows receive a $25,000 stipend distributed over the 14 months of the program, health insurance, a book allowance, relocation and travel reimbursement as well as payment of tuition. Fellows also receive travel and lodging to the National Leadership Conference held in January.

Is there an application fee for the program?

Yes. Upon acceptance and enrollment into the program Fellows pay a $500 non-refundable program administration fee.

How are special needs – such as disabilities – for Fellows handled?

National Urban Fellows complies with all government guidelines and regulations as they apply to individuals with disabilities. Georgetown University provides assistance and accommodations as required by Federal law. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Georgetown University’s Academic Resource Center assesses accommodations for students with disabilities based on documentation from a medical professional.

How are previously scheduled commitments – such as a vacation – handled during the Fellowship year?

Individuals who apply for a Fellowship are obligated to comply with all National Urban Fellows policies and regulations. Exceptions are not permitted.

Where can I direct additional questions?

Please email the Program Office,