Davon Harris

Growing up, many of the men in Davon’s family were incarcerated, including his father. This forced Davon to strive for greatness without cutting any corners. Throughout his life’s work, he has built a deep passion for public service and community and a compulsive interest in mentoring and workforce development. Most recently, he was employed with the New York State Assembly as a Community Liaison and District Representative for the 85th district in the Bronx. Prior to this, Davon was a Life and Career Coach for the New York City Mission Society’s Harlem Justice Scholars program. Davon has been able to foster positive and constructive relationships with NYC program participants and their families, facilitate community development, and maintain scholarship, internship, and employment opportunities.

Davon is an active member of his church, the First Bible Church of the Lord’s Mission in the Bronx. Since his post undergraduate career, he has been a Waiver Service Provider for Cardinal McCloskey Community Service’s Bridges to Health program, mentoring foster children who are developmentally delayed and/or medically fragile. His life path has allowed him to gain vital experience towards perseverance, leadership, and accountability. These qualities have added fervor to his passion of helping to impact community, both locally and globally.

Davon graduated from Binghamton University with Bachelor’s Degrees in Latin American Caribbean Area Studies and Africana Studies and Human Development.