Joreon Coleman

Joreon is passionate about the equity agenda and participating in strategies to improve conditions in American cities to address the systemic barriers to success and well-being; the root of economic and social inequity being education, health, workforce, income and opportunity. She is committed to being a contributor towards correcting systemic barriers to improve access to opportunity for all.

Joreon Coleman previously worked as a Customer Service Representative II at Planned Parenthood. In this capacity, she was been able to tap into her passion for public health by being an astute navigator in healthcare, HIPPA privacy laws, and women’s health.  In addition, she previously served as a Fellow at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries, a faith based social justice organization dedicated to advocating for equity. In this role, she advocated for Ohio Medicaid and promoted education and awareness about childhood lead poisoning. Collectively, these experiences, as well as her own experiences of wealth inequality in Cleveland, cultivate her passion for a career in public policy.

Joreon graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and was the first member of her family to attend college. She also holds a Master’s of Public Administration from Baruch College.