Richard Mullings

Richard dedicates his life to service to his fellow man with the goal of pushing positive change that seeks to uplift his community. He most recently worked as a Quality Improvement Specialist at SCO Family of Services an organization with several facilities that house the homeless and abused children., He assisted staff and committees in planning activities and reviewing incidents with the goal of improving the quality of services. His time at SCO allowed him to work with agencies geared at helping needy residents while ensuring that all statutes were followed.

As the son of immigrant Jamaican parents, Richard witnessed the struggles they faced as they assimilated into American society, which has influenced his own career aspirations. One of the biggest problems his mother would face was that of childcare while she went out to work. Richard originally enrolled in City College in 2000, but was focused on work and took a leave of of school for 10 years until going back and obtaining a BA in Public Administration in 2015.

In 2016, Richard began working with the Queens Economic Development Corporation as a Neighborhood Development Program Coordinator fostering collaboration between local businesses, community organizations and elected officials. Richard became a Board Member of Queens Community Advisory Board 3 in April 2018.

Richard received his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from City College of New York.