Tina Basile

Tina Basile has a wealth of experience in advocacy connected to protecting children and strengthening
families. Her lifelong passion is to examine the complex issue of child welfare reform and assist in
implementing innovative practices, laws and policies in the public sector.

Her post college career began working with AmeriCorp’s City Year. There, she worked with students who
grew up in concentrated poverty and worked towards creating a better school culture, climate, and
community. She acted as an essential resource to the school to boost student learning and bridge the gap of
educational inequality in Jacksonville, Florida.

In New York City, Tina worked to strengthen the child welfare workforce through her Fellowship with
Fostering Change for Children. She committed two years to supporting vulnerable youth and families
affected by the child welfare system. She worked towards improving opportunities and outcomes while
building bridges to easily navigate community resources. Working on a Residential Treatment Center, Tina
was better able to understand the needs of youth who are struggling with societal issues and multi
systematic discrimination. Through her work in New York City, Tina recognized a need for policy reform and
has advocated for prevention measures, appropriate funding, and suitable data methods. Tina has worked
with communities and diverse stakeholders throughout the five boroughs to promoted fair health care,
education, and employment programs for youth and families in the child welfare system.

After struggling to find permanent solutions in New York City, Tina began researching adoption recruitment
policies in Long Island, NY. There she has practiced awareness building efforts to help dramatically increase
safe adoptions from the American foster care system. Tina graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2015 with her
Bachelors of Science. Tina studied General Business with a strong focus on Human Resource Management.