B.R. Hammed-Owens

Bukola Rashedat (B.R.) Hammed-Owens is a long-term DC area resident, having grown up in nearby Prince George’s County after emigrating from her native country of Nigeria. She went on to pursue dual bachelors degrees in Anthropology and Women’s & Gendet Studies from Yale University, where she led involvement in major campaigns for social justice and public advocacy. A professionally certified Community Organizer, B.R. has domestic and international experience in the areas of women’s rights, child labor, and coalition building – all around issues of educational access.

As founder and principal at AthenaPatra Consulting Group, LLC, B.R. applies her expertise to the development and management of non-profit and government sponsored programs. She has successfully mobilized stakeholders, and raised close to five million dollars from foundations, governments and corporations for affordable housing, education and arts organizations. With more than a decade of experience in community development, B.R. thrives as a program builder, advocate, and planning strategist — managing funder relationships and developing a broad-base of strategic community partnerships.

Ms. Hammed-Owens previously directed community relations and marketing on behalf of New Haven’s Mayor and School Board for the New Haven School Foundation. She also served successive terms as Director of Strategic Partnerships in Connecticut, and District Director in Washington, D.C. at The National Black Alliance for Educational Options, Inc. B.R. currently lives in Baltimore County, where she works as a teacher and education consultant for Baltimore County Public Schools.