Caracciola Morales

Cari has over 14 years of experience in the non-profit sector connecting resources to opportunities. She is a driven community development professional who seeks creative ways to strengthen relationships and communities through her passion for justice and change. Having worked for a community development financial institution in Indianapolis for three years she has been able to learn what it means to be an intermediary and become a connector of people to implement the necessary changes to improve a community’s quality of life.

Before her time in Indianapolis she spent 3 years organizing communities of faith in Pinellas County, FL to implement policy changes in dental care, education and the juvenile justice system. In Florida she was able to work with like-minded people who had a drive to do what was right and practice their civic duties to work towards the common good.

Cari’s experiences have taught her the importance of working collaboratively with others to plan for change. Proud of her Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan roots that her parents have instilled in her; led her to an early involvement in the Latinx Community during her high school days and later into her college career at Indiana University where she worked strategically to advocate for immigration rights as a co-founder of D.R.E.A.M. IU. She graduated from IU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Policy Analysis through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.