Nadia Munday

When Nadia was asked what she would like to be when she grew up she answered, “A doctor.” She feels that she is thoroughly in her element when she provides acute care for patients at their most critical moments. These situations not only require extensive knowledge of the basic sciences, but also proper procedural technique. In addition to having intellect, Dr. Nadia Munday desires to be known for excellent communication and kindness that she can display to others. Her devotion to medicine has led her on a path to educate students in the health care field. She spoke of a colleague that introduced her to an educational opportunity at Molloy College School of Nursing. At the nursing program, Nadia discovered how much she enjoyed educating individuals who share the same passion she has for learning and executing exceptional health care. Nadia declared that medicine may be challenging but knowledge and understanding is an asset in bringing about positive changes. Medicine has forced her to look at problems from a different perspective, a skill she inherited as a young competitive martial artist. As a martial artist, Nadia, has learned to be patient, confident, self-disciplined, hard-working and dedicated. These qualities have influenced her many different styles to educate her students and ensure they are successful in completing the program. These characteristics possessed by Nadia, shows that she is passionate and hardworking and if given the opportunity will be prepared to dominate in the policy management program.