Mysiki Valentine

Mysiki Valentine is a highly accomplished educational professional and community activist with a longstanding dedication to promoting equity and empowering marginalized communities. As a native of Washington, D.C., he has spent years working tirelessly to create safe and inclusive spaces for children, advocate for social justice, and promote grassroots organizing. 

At Allen University, Mysiki demonstrated his commitment to equity by leading the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Advisory Group in expanding testing to every university and college in the Columbia, SC city limits. As the Sigma Tua Delta President, he furthered his commitment to equity by building two hyper-focused literacy programs in middle schools throughout the city. 

Mysiki brings a diverse range of skills and expertise to his work, including technology, local government, and non-profit management, and a passion for juvenile justice, behavioral sciences, and criminal law. As Advocacy Manager for the Fair Budget Coalition, he led 30 non-profit, governmental, and private companies to draft and pass over 12 pieces of legislation aimed at tackling racial inequities in Washington, D.C., providing more economic relief to marginalized communities and advancing access to education for undocumented residents. 

In his role as a political campaign manager, Mysiki crafted platforms on transportation equity and infrastructure, empowering public education, and expanding employee rights. He brought critical issues to the forefront while managing multi-level staffing, multimillion budgets, campaign finances, and community involvement. 

Mysiki’s vision for Fully Funded Futures is still echoes in conversations throughout the nation after his 2020 campaign for DC State Board of Education, where he came in second place with over 50K votes. 

In his free time, Mysiki stays active by jogging or biking along the scenic Anacostia River Trail. He is also an avid learner who stays up-to-date on current events and legal developments by watching court cases on YouTube. 

Overall, Mysiki Valentine is a dedicated professional who is committed to making a positive impact in his community and beyond. With his longstanding dedication to equity and proven track record of creating meaningful change