Rebecca Kwakye

Rebecca Kwakye is a dedicated public servant who is focused on ensuring that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) creates and maintains equitable access to the regulated medical and adult-use of cannabis. She contributed and presented on the Commissions’ updated “Guidance on Diversity Plans” which provide guidance to applicants and licensees on how to hire a diverse workforce. Rebecca reviewed renewal applications to ensure that licensees complied with the Commission’s equity mandate. She was selected as a member of the Commission’s internal equity group, which ensures that staff’s concerns are addressed by decision-makers.

As a graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst, Rebecca was able to participate in a mentorship pilot program that paired students with professors. Through this mentorship program, Rebecca so valued the benefits she received from the mentorship that she paid it forward by joining Big Brother Big Sister of America as a mentor to a freshman high school student in 2019. At a previous job as Administrative Assistant at a law firm , she assisted middle school students with their mock trial preparations and mentored high school students during their work study program.

In the future, Rebecca plans on creating a non-profit in Ghana and other African nations, that provides a safe dwelling for orphans with a learning center where residents and community members can utilize to further their education. Through NUF, Rebecca expects to acquire the skills needed to be an effective leader and in hopes of running a successful global non-profit that assists orphans throughout the African continent.