Todd Bowens

Todd E. Bowens is enthusiastic and candid about his commitment to enhancing and reshaping national communities through fiscal and economic public policy and leadership. Mr. Bowens is a change agent, who is intentional and unrelenting about making an impact in the public sector. Todd’s career has been spent examining and investigating the mechanics of the nation’s financial regulatory system and its respective policies. He broadened his understanding of global financial products and capital markets in his former role as Senior and Lead Analyst of Global Data Products at FIA-Tech, a subsidiary of The Futures Industry Association.

Before his role at FIA-Tech he served as a Specialist for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren, which built around engaging and educating consumers about financial markets. At CFPB he coordinated and supported senior leadership with their development of data resources, consumer responses, strategies, and objectives. Todd heightened his understanding of financial regulation, regulatory compliance, and the economic impact of unfair financial practices while at CFPB.

He believes that the nation’s communities and most vulnerable populations are at their economic best when there are deliberate and purposeful policy strategist and leaders involved. Connection, understanding economic trends, and organic collaboration are just a few of his gifts.

A graduate of Morgan State University, Todd earned his Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Systems. He received his MBA, Master of Science Degree: Management/Financial Management, and a Graduate Certificate: Non-Profit and Association Financial Management from the University of Maryland University College.

Todd volunteers and mentors in Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. He encourages his students at the AnBryce Foundation and Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust to be patient, find purpose, persevere, and always seek out the challenge of finding new opportunities to pivot.